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Customer Service

Screen Printing

Serigraphy, also known as screen printing, has been made popular by the very famous Andy Warhol, for his work “Marilyn Diptych”. Even though our modus operandi differs from the artist's, the printing technique remains the same and allows a faithful and long-lasting result on any type of t-shirts, since colours are bright and will not fade over time. Indeed, every color is applied separetely with a different screen, so the final outcome is very high quality. Screen printing is particularly adapted to print larger quantities, and production costs rise will increase with each additional colour applied. Please note that you will have to provide a vector logo if you choose that option. Being aware of the impact of screen printing on environment (waste screens), we use exclusively water-based inks.



Digital Printing (DTG)

impression digital
Digital printing works the same way as an inkjet printer, with paper being replaced by clothing. Also called Direct To Garment printing, this method reduce production time and is particularly adapted for small and urgent orders. Moreover, this option offers flexibility since we are able to edit and retouch images quite easily. Ergonomic, digital printing is also eco-friendly and won't produce waste. Therefore, we highly recommand that you use digital printing when ordering small quantities.

















A few centuries old, this ancient technique adds an original and personal touch to your garment. Rather than ink, we use coloured threads to replicate your design, and this printing methods is ideal for company logos and names on heavier garments (polo shirts, hoodies, uniforms, caps...). Embroidery is then best used on small designs, but we can't print as many as you need.